Create a rich writing environment in your home school classroom. Writing is the process of choosing exact, precise words to express meaning. Encourage your child’s creative writing abilities with a language-filled room sure to inspire creative ideas! When writing, kids look around for ideas, hints and help. Make sure the walls in your child’s classroom are filled with helpful writing suggestions. Encourage your child to be on the lookout for examples of all the words listed below - while reading novels, reading bulletin boards, or listening to the radio. When you or your child finds or hears a creative, fun word or phrase write it on a yellow sticky note and add it to the posters hanging in your child’s writing area. Make a fun game out of filling the room with words, phrases and ideas below by Helene Goldnadel:


  • Vivid Verbs Poster - Buy or create your own poster filled with unusual, precise verbs - remember that the heart of a sentence is its verb!
  • Worn-Out Words - Everyday words such as cute, nice, pretty are used too much! Have synonyms for these words hanging up so your child will expand his vocabulary and use creative words
  • Transition Words and Phrases - Nothing livens up a sentence like an opening phrase or transition word. Transition words and phrases make writing sound more mature and help a story to flow from one idea to the next.
  • Similes
  • Metaphors
  • Personification
  • Idioms


Other helpful writing resources include:


  • writing folder - This is a place to store rough drafts. Not every rough draft needs to be edited and published. Ask your child to save his rough drafts and once a week pick one to edit and publish.
  • fun pencils and erasers - These work to make the actual writing process more interesting and to create fun while writing. Try gluing feathers and ribbons on pencils or using a pushpin to stick things in the eraser of a pencil.
  • blank organizers - These are used to help your child think through his story ideas and to organize and plan ideas before writing the rough draft. Look online and there are many different organizers available.
  • journal or notebook - Children enjoy writing more when they have a special place to write their ideas and stories. Let your child decorate and make his own journal or purchase one.


Teaching your child that writing is a time of creativity and investigation and word crafting is a gift! Help your child to develop a love for writing and expressing ideas. Help your child enjoy and look forward to the writing process.


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