It is such a big loss for people who have attached much importance on personal development have overlooked the great tool of their own voice. Are you one of them?


Your voice is power. It reflects everything about you to the world and determines whether you are being heard, respected and trusted, or being ignored, interrupted and doubted. When you find your true voice, it will empower you and become a valuable asset to you.


You will sound more professional


Do you have a nasal voice that turns people off and leaves people think you are less capable than you really are? Do you speak so softly that you were asked to repeat yourself constantly and are considered unconfident and unsure? Do you talk so fast that people can’t catch up with you and think you are too nervous? Do you speak with a monotone that makes all your listeners lose interest and think you are incapable of engaging and inspiring others?



Proper voice training will not only eliminate all of the voice problems mentioned above, but problems like breathy, breathless, strident, harsh, loud, etc., which all project a negative and unprofessional image and hinder your career advancement. Don’t let your voice hold you back. You do have a better voice inside and can be developed. Make some efforts on your voice improvement and let it work for you.


You will sound more mature


Do you sound too young to be taken seriously? Do you have a voice that sounds like 21-year-old that stops you from advancement?



An immature voice is thin and without any depth. It only travels out of your throat and comes through your mouth. With proper voice training, you’ll not only discover a more mature voice that is with depth, resonance and warmth, but get to know yourself in a deeper level.


Your confidence level will soar


Won’t you feel confident whenever you speak you are being heard, respected and trusted with a mature, resonant and magnetic voice? Your confidence is attributed to not only a greater voice you have developed, but to appreciation of yourself and faith in yourself.



Your voice is a powerful tool for your personal development. It carries potentials for influence and inspiration over yourself as well as people around you. Why aren’t you taking advantage of this great tool?


Helene Goldnadel is a voice and speech coach and trainer, based in California. She helps young learners discover their inner true voice that is authentic and confident. She also helps organizations on voice and presentation skills training of youngster.



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